JBS Time Manager is a powerful all-in-one staff scheduling, time & attendance software solution ideal for long term care, hospitals, EMS, fire, police ... any service where staffing employees around the clock is critical each and every day. Designed to handle your complex needs; yet easy-to-use and affordable. See features to learn more about Time Manager.

Time Manager includes the Schedule Agent giving employees access to their personal information after logging in. Employees can view their schedule, enter their availability and review entitlements for vacation, sick time, stat time, banked overtime and more. Employees can also make requests to book time off and exchange shifts with other employees.

Time Manager supports timeclocks. Employees swipe their ID card through a badge reader when they report in and out for work. A simple menu allows an employee to clock in/out for a scheduled shift, clock out on a shift overrun (i.e. overtime) or clock in/out for non-scheduled work (for example, callback). Badge readers can input barcode, magnetic stripe and proximity cards. Fingerprint scanners are also supported.

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